Alessandra Lash

$19.00 Regular price

Shape: Round

Volume: Full

Lash Length: 7-11mm

Meet Alessandra, one of the six newest and fluffiest lash styles featured in our EXCLUSIVE WISPY SERIES! The advanced series gives you access to new indetectable lash options that focus on ultra lightweight design, unique fiber pattern and Full to Glamour (Thick to Medium Thickness) eyelash variety. This brand new collection was devised with lavish lash lovers in mind. You don't need to compromise your comfort for elite beauty, let us help you achieve both!


If you're looking for the ultimate wispy set, then you've just hit the jackpot. Alessandra features extra-long fluffy Faux Mink synthetic fibers that draw attention to you instantly! The lash design gives this cloud-like feel while at the same time beautifully enhances your eye shape. If you love catching gazes, then this lash is for you. Apply in under 3 minutes with our Liquid Latex-Free Adhesive available in Clear and Dark and snag a Quick-Fix Glue Liner Pen To-Go to feel blissful knowing lash lifts won't ruin your look!

*Lashes can be reused up to 25+ times with proper care!

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